Low Slope (flat) Roof

Before the use of infrared cameras, professionals went to great lengths and expense to find roof leaks. This is very true in flat or low slope roofs. These roofs tend to be easy and fast to build but are notoriously hard to maintain.

Now with the use of our latest infrared camera technology and Flir’s reporting software, this has made finding and documenting roof leaks much easier and faster along with being non- destructive to the roof surface.  Infrared inspections are now the most cost effective method to locate and repair damaging roof leaks.

Thermal imaging with an infrared camera quickly and accurately identifies areas of a roof that may have been compromised long before any ill effects are discovered inside a building.

By performing regular infrared scans you’ll be able to fix problems early, before a small problem becomes a big one. Building owners will be pleased to reduce the overall cost of roof maintenance.

Finding a leak before there is damage to the structure will insure the safety within the building and less time and money will be spent on future repairs.  Many building roofs are damaged only because the owner has not used infrared technology in their maintenance schedule.

Another cost related benefit is that a properly maintained roof will lower your energy costs. Wet insulation is much less effective then dry insulation.

Using the infrared camera in locating roof leaks has become the top choice in early detection.  There is simply no better method to locate suspected leaks on a roof.