Missing and Compromised Insulation

Improper installing of insulation happens throughout the building industry.  Insulation problems that lead to building failure and energy loss often include missing, inadequate, settled, and/or wet conditions.  All of these conditions reduce the effectiveness of insulation and can lead to many different problems associated with moisture, thermal and/or air bypass.

Homeowners today have many reasons to want a well insulated house.  For comfort, a well insulated house is cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  These are much more pleasant living conditions then a drafty house that is very hard to heat or air condition.  There is also a financial reason for fixing the drafty house.  A homeowner can save hundreds of dollars a year that is wasted on fuel bills.

Fixing insulation in an older house can be very expensive.  Luckily there now is a easy way to improve the insulation by checking for missing or compromised insulation with an infrared camera instead of the expense of changing all the insulation in the entire house.

Today people want to know their energy efficient house is good for the environment.  Good insulation is needed for meeting these goals.

Homeowners that are interested in making their home more comfortable, decrease the power bills, and reduce the energy consumption of their home should have us use our infrared camera to look for compromised insulation along with air and moisture infiltrations.  Our non-invasive inspection is quick and accurate so your home can be repaired in order to improve your quality of life.

Our Home Inspections often find missing or compromised insulation that could not have been seen without the infrared camera.