Air Leaks

Fixes for air leaks can be simple, but finding them without the use of an infrared camera remains a challenge.   When warm air rises it creates pressure differences,  making sources for air leaks tending to occur near the attics and basements due to the stack effect.  This air flow is inward in the basement and exits near the attic.  With a temperature difference between the inside and outside, an infrared camera can see these areas of air infiltration.

Sometimes we use a strong fan that blows to the outside in order to put a negative pressure inside the house.  This will draw outside air into the house.  After a short time we are able to use the infrared camera to check for air infiltrations.

Moisture and condensation can go hand-in-hand with air leaks in a home or building, as air infiltration can provide a means for moisture to travel.  Moisture, if not properly remedied, can lead to mold issues,  reduced insulation effectiveness and building damage.

Signs of air leaks at door threshold

Signs of air leaks at attic access opening.