Western Infrared offers infrared camera inspections to locate water and air infiltration, plumbing leak detection, roof leak detection and concrete slab leak detection.  We also are able to quickly locate electrical hot spots and mechanical problems with the infrared camera inspection.  We use Flir’s infrared cameras and software to produce high-resolution images and reports.  These images make it much easier to interpret problem areas than infrared cameras of the past.  Our certified thermographer, Larry Tyler, has 40 years experience in the residential and commercial building industry.  With his experience and Flir’s software that includes the infrared photo and the digital photo of the anomaly, Larry is able to produce clear and precise inspection reports that are easy to understand and locate for the home or business owner.  

Infrared inspections can also help with looking over potential building or home purchases.  We can locate problem areas that simply cannot be found without the infrared camera.  We can make sure your investment is a good one by making sure there is not faulty construction, missing insulation, unseen water leaks, etc.

Whether you are buying a new home or business or are worried that your heating and cooling bills are too high or need figure out where the water leak is coming from, call Western Infrared to help.