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Locating water leaks under concrete slabs

A broken water pipe under a concrete slab can be hard to find.   Sometimes the pipes are inside the concrete slab such as "in the floor radiant heating".  Some of the common causes of these water leaks are: Movement in the soil or concrete slab Rusty pipes Electrolysis causing pin holes in the copper [...]

Cold air leak detection

With these high winds lately, we feel the air leaks blowing through cracks in our homes and businesses.  In taller homes and buildings these leaks can happen even with no wind.  This phenomenon is caused by the "stack effect" which happens when warm air rises causing the warm air to escape through cracks and seams into [...]

Water leak detection

This is the time of year we have water leaking into our homes and businesses.  Often this water leak does not show itself inside the building anywhere near where the leak originates.  Before infrared cameras were uses for leak detection we had to remove the sheetrock and other wall coverings to expose where the water [...]

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